Sculpting Glass Reef Life

What has drawn me to sculpting glass reef life is the infinite variety of pattern and movement.  Just within one species of coral you can find a huge range of pattern structures.  This is what first drew me into sculpting coral.  My first problem was … [Read more]

Fusing Glass into Ocean Life

Fusing Glass Sculpture During the past two years I have been fusing glass into ocean life forms.  As my ideas have evolved so has my process for fusing glass.  There are several posts on this blog about glass flameworking and fusing glass.  I have … [Read more]

Flameworking Glass Sculpture

What is Flameworking? Flameworking glass sculpture feels like the perfect medium for exploring ocean life forms.  When heated with a torch glass becomes a molten liquid that can be shaped into any form.  Flameworking is also referred to as … [Read more]

Glass Casting and Mold Making

Over the years, I have taught myself about glass casting by reading books and trying things out.  My most valuable lessons in glass casting were through the Glass Art Society conference workshops.  The casting process explained here can be used for … [Read more]