Glass Art Collecting

Glass Art Collecting, Glass Art Society Auction, Chicago, 2014

Glass Art Society Auction, Chicago, 2014

Attend a Glass Art Auction

People often have questions about how to begin glass art collecting.  I want to provide some tips on how to start collecting glass art.  I will share a recent story about selling glass art to first time buyers.  During the last few months I have been getting involved in glass art auctions.  Many of the top glass museums and art centers in the U.S. host annual auctions.  Glass auctions often show the work of great glass artists from around the world.  This is an ideal place to buy high quality, authentic glass art.  Going to glass art auctions is a perfect way to learn about glass art and the top glass artists.

French Glass Paperweight, Art Institute of Chicago.

French glass paperweight, Art Institute of Chicago.

Focus Your Glass Art Collecting

Some buyers have focused on collecting certain types of glass art.  The Arthur Rubloff Collection of glass paperweights in Chicago is a superb example of glass art collecting.  A person might have interest in specific types of glass art, glass methods, or even historic glass making.  I think the real key is to collect what you love and what brings joy to your life.  Get to know different glass artists.  Take time to visit their studios.  Glass artists love to share their work with others and explain how it was made.  Gaining this type of knowledge about glass will give you pleasure and expertise in glass art collecting.

Burst Glass Sculpture, 2013

Burst, 2013

Purchasing Your Glass Art

Private collectors have bought several of my glass sculptures.  One collector lives in Columbus and already had several glass sculptures.  The couple bought the glass sculpture “Jellyfish” to accent their glass collection inspired by sea life.  Since the couple lived locally, I assisted them in displaying the sculpture in their home.  I also provided information on how to care for their glass art.

Shipping and Receiving Glass Art

Today someone can collect glass art from anywhere in the world.  Quality packing and shipping ensures that your glass art is received in perfect condition.  A collector should be aware of the packing, shipping, and insurance of any purchased glass art.   I have had great success in shipping glass art to collectors as far away as The Netherlands.  To learn more about my packing and shipping methods please read Shipping Glass Art to Collectors.

Should you have any questions about the purchase of a glass sculpture please send me an email.  I would be happy to assist you.  If you found this write-up helpful you may also enjoy reading Creating a Jellyfish Step by Step.


  1. Patsy Dean says

    My husband purchased the jellyfish as a gift to me. He knows my love of glass art is very deep. When Emily delivered the piece, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I had seen pictures, but the beauty of this piece was one hundred times more awesome in person.
    Emily is a fabulous artist that goes beyond the norm in making sure her pieces are owned by people who appreciate this type of art. She came to our house, helped us pick the most perfect place to display our piece, and took care of all the set up for us. She even showed me how to care for our piece.
    I have to say, I enjoyed my conversation with Emily as much as I love her art. She not only has so much talent, she also has a wealth of knowledge concerning glass art.
    If you are new to glass art collecting, I would definitely recommend Emily Williams as an artist to talk to.

    • says

      Thanks so much Patsy! It was a pleasure to deliver this glass sculpture to your home and to help you arrange the display. It is a remarkable display stone niche in your home. I believe the niche was designed with the idea of displaying a work of art. What really impressed me is how the natural light shoots through the open niche lighting up the sculpture beautifully. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and patronage!

  2. Laura Peacock says

    I obtained my first glass sculpture by purchasing Emily’s exquisite “Tendrils” piece during a glass art auction in Chicago this past March. I am just starting my collection, and my approach is to have one or two pieces by many glass artists, as this leads to much more visual variety and allows the exploration of many styles, techniques, etc. Emily’s piece was definitely a fantastic way to start! The best part is the wealth of information that Emily is willing to share about the entire process – from design and execution to transport and sale – you cannot pay for this kind of in-depth knowledge. Emily is the inspiration behind my newly-found drive to create a collection of contemporary glass that will be a considerable investment, and the best investment is in the personal enjoyment derived from living with beautiful glass sculpture on a day to day basis. Thanks, Emily!

    • says

      Thanks Laura for all those kind words! I am delighted that you have this glass sculpture. It is marvelous how you have found glass as an art form to inspire you as a collector. Glass sculpture can really bring much viewing pleasure into a home or any type of space really. So glad to have met you at the Chicago Glass Art Society Auction. It was an amazing experience and so much fun too!
      Thanks again!

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