Glass Art Shipping to Collectors

This glass art Petal was purchased and shipped to Europe. The "Glass Petal" sculpture can be fully viewed in my Portfolio.

This glass art Petal was purchased and shipped to Europe. See the “Glass Petal” in my “Portfolio.”

Shipping Glass Art

Admirers of my sculpture often have questions about shipping glass art to collectors.  I have received many questions and comments about the fragile nature of my sculpture.  Often people are curious about how my work is packed and shipped to buyers.  I think most artists working in glass will tell you that it really begins with good, tried and true packing techniques.  Just as important to packing is the choice of a high quality shipper to handle your fragile cargo.  I hope to add clarity to these questions about shipping glass art.  I will also show you some amazing examples of shipped glass art to places as far away as Europe.

Glass art shipping crate for glass "Petal" sculpture. This crate is not the typical shipping method for my work. Due to the fragile nature of the sculpture the buyer opted for a professional art handler in Atlanta, Georgia.

Glass art shipping crate for the glass “Petal” sculpture. This crate is not the typical shipping method for my work. The buyer opted for a professional art handler in Atlanta, Georgia.

Packing Glass Art

During the last couple of weeks I have been immersed in the process of packing and shipping glass sculpture.  I purchase large industrial rolls of bubble wrap and use it most generously when packing the glass art.  I begin with sheaths of foam wrap to prevent the bubble wrap from sticking to the glass.  Then I begin layering with small bubble wrap sheets followed by numerous layers of large bubble wrap.  The glass sculpture becomes a large bubble wrap ball evenly covered.  I place about 4 inches of bubble wrap around each glass sculpture.  This easily handled ball is then packed inside a large cardboard box with about 8-10 inches of space all around.  This space is then filled carefully with crunched light weight butcher paper.  This allows the bubble wrapped glass art to float as though on shock absorbers.

Packing materials for shipping glass art.

Packing materials for shipping glass art.

Special Deliveries of Glass Sculpture

Sometimes really detailed glass artworks such as the glass Nest or the Jellyfish are hand delivered.  Both of these sculptures were recently purchased and delivered by me personally.  I help in setting the sculpture up for the collector in their home or art museum.  In addition, I also provide clients with information on handling and cleaning their glass art.  For shipping glass I use FedEx Express with insurance for full replacement value.  FedEx Express is shipped by air and receives gentler handling than FedEx Ground.  This ensures the safe delivery of your purchased glass art.

Read More About my Glass Art

If you found this article interesting you may enjoy reading more about my glass art.  Sculpting with a Glass Art Hand Torch includes a video of me working in the studio using a hand-held glass torch.  Creating a Jellyfish Step by Step is a really fun post showing how I made the glass Jellyfish sculpture.


  1. Olo Gamwich says

    My wife and I decided to purchase the Glass Petal to commemorate our upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. We worried somewhat about the long distance this piece of art had to travel to Europe. The shipping was well done by Emily, Craters & Freighters, and Fed-Ex Express. The sculpture was shipped on a Friday and arrived the following Tuesday morning. After opening the crate we were anxious to know the condition of Glass Petal. After having it unpacked and per instruction of Emily taken out of the box and all the soft packing, we saw finally saw the splendor of the Glass Petal in reality. It is a beautiful sculpture!

    We are busy right now installing Glass Petal into a custom glass cabinet in our home. We installed a special LED light to highlight the Glass petal. We have shown Emily’s glass Petal sculpture to several of our friends. They were impressed by this piece and are perhaps willing to purchase a piece of Emily’s in future. We are very pleased with our glass sculpture!

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