Wildflower Sculptures Reveal Rare Beauty

Stokes Aster, Wildflower Sculptures

Stoke’s Aster, Wildflower Sculptures, Callaway Gardens

The wildflower sculptures at Callaway Gardens reveal rare beauty.   This unique collection is on permanent display at the Virginia Hand Welcome Center.  Visitors to the welcome center are captivated by these wildflower sculptures.  One is easily drawn into the small, delicate world of each plant.  I have discovered some of these native wildflowers growing around my Columbus home.

Georgia Aster, Wildflower Sculptures

Georgia Aster, Wildflower Sculptures, Callaway Gardens

The wildflower sculptures were created by Trailer McQuilkin from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  He is highly skilled in his craft.  These sculptures would be at home in any world-class natural history museum.  Soft copper sheet is used to produce the veined petals and leaves of each wildflower plant.  The artist snips, incises, and solders the copper sheet.  Copper sheet is a soft and malleable material.  This allows the artist to press vein patterns and to add gentle curves.  The botanical detail equals that of a master jeweler!  I delight in the tiny parts of each flower head.  The curly petal textures of the Barbara’s Buttons plant is splendid!

Wildflower Sculptures, Copper Tools, Callaway Gardens

Wildflower Sculptures, Copper Tools, Callaway Gardens

The sculpture exhibit includes a glimpse into the artist’s studio.  One can examine the copper tools, paints, and other materials used in his sculptures.  People are naturally curious about the ways in which artists create works of art.  Being able to see a partially completed wildflower adds a wonderful hands on touch to the exhibit.  This sculpture collection is a marvelous way to explore native wildflowers of Georgia.  One does not have to hunt for these rare beauties at Callaway!

The Rare and Endangered Wildflowers of Georgia can be viewed in the Virginia Hand Welcome Center at Callaway Gardens.



  1. Olo Gamwich says

    I’m impressed by this wildflower art. Very natural and well made by Trailer McQuilkin, a big applaud for him. His art awakens you to look around you and explore the beauty of nature. If you’re open for real beauty, it’s all at hand in every corner of a garden or…

  2. DeAnn says

    The level of detail impressed into metal is fascinating. The skill required to create something that resembles nature is nothing short of amazing. When reading your description and looking at the photographs, I wondered “how many visitors to this exhibit reached out and touched a flower?” I know I’d be tempted and would gravitate to the tools portion of the exhibit just to get my hands on something. In short – these replicas of nature would inspire my impulse to touch the art.

    • says

      Well I am sure that a lot of people would love to touch these but they are under plexiglass. The flower exhibits are like little woodland environments encased in plexiglass cases. The cases do not obstruct your viewing in any way and really preserve the beauty of each sculpture. The tools case is really wonderfully done too!

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